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Website updates and progress report
« on: June 04, 2013, 09:22:15 AM »
I'm back after taking a couple of days of down time! In my absence I've discovered Isomer was mentioned on a number of websites including the really cool OpenXCOM and StrategyCore - a website I've been visiting on and off for years. So that was a really great way to come back!  :)

I finally took the time to update the images on the main website for Isomer, seeing the traffic over the last few days, I wish I'd have done it before taking time off but hey, that's the way it goes sometimes. In tandem to all the development work, bit by bit the artwork is being done behind the scenes - I hadn't realised just how behind the website screenshots had gotten! On top of this there is now a proper logo for Isomer, let me know what you think!

In terms of progress towards the first alpha build - at this point almost all the core parts I wanted to include in the first build are in place! It's always tempting, particularly with a large project like Isomer to get caught up in feature creep, doubly so when there are still so many fun things to be added.

Back in March I posted about having arrived at a concise list of features for alpha - this was to tackle and balance out the workload of Isomer for alpha and after alpha into something that made sense. Well, next to everything from this alpha task list has been crossed off, the focus now is tweaking, polishing, finishing remaining artwork and bug-fixing. I don't want to set a firm release date yet because after a nearly a year of work, a few extra days (if needed) in the name of getting things right isn't a big deal. As a rough estimate, I hope to have Isomer available to you in late July.

The alpha build will be followed by incremental updates adding content and features over the coming year. More details will be announced soon.
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