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Spoofed emails!! Grrr
Posted on Tuesday September 30, 2014

I have been getting lots of notifications in the last couple of weeks about fake emails purporting to come from email addresses from ionisingsoftware.co.uk. Unfortunately some ne'er-do-wells have started spoofing emails and firing them at random to people and using made up email addresses like violation@ionisingsoftware.co.uk as well as sale@ionisingsoftware.co.uk.

First of all let me say these are not real email addresses, unfortunately they have been spoofed by internet miscreants ... ..

Posted on Sunday August 31, 2014

The most commonly seen questions I've seen on the Isomer Steam community and officials forums have related to tutorials .. specially the lack there-of. In previous builds, Isomer would start off without much (or even any) explanation or back story. One minute you're generating a world, the next BAM! You're on that world with a few bewildered workers wondering exactly why their commander is having so much trouble with that mouse thing they're holding.

Well worry no more, in the build that was released ear... ..

Going deeper underground..
Posted on Friday August 15, 2014

After a few days of downtime following the crunch involved in getting Isomer ready for Steam, I have just released a new Isomer build. Build focuses on enhancing enemy bases in a number of ways and fixes bugs reported on the forums from the last build.

So, what's new with enemy facilities? Firstly there's a new block called an alarm control core - this block can be found in some enemy bases and controls all the alarm sensors throughout this facility. Destroying a base alarm control will disable a... ..

Getting Steam-y (but still totally SFW)
Posted on Friday July 11, 2014

Pardon the terrible pun in the title.. I was up until 2am getting everything together for today, however as the title may have hinted at already there is big news - Isomer is now available on Steam!!!

A new build ( is available today in both Steam and non-Steam flavors.

The versions are identical, however the non-Steam version will not... ..

Isomer is coming to Steam!
Posted on Sunday July 06, 2014

Almost a year after we first opened early access to Isomer via alphafunding, Isomer is about to launch on Steam! This is a huge accomplishment for the small team team behind Isomer and something that I'm incredibly excited about.

After my pestering, probing and prodding[/u... ..

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